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Apr, 2021

Handicap Parking

There are concerns related to the current handicap parking spaces at the LV Park and ball fields.  We've had parents of our LV Angels Challenger Baseball team encounter difficulties with parking.  It seems that, quite often, there are cars parking in the designated handicap parking spaces that do not have handicap license plates or placards.  We know that often times, parking is tight, but we must all remember to respect these parking spaces.  Keep in mind that some of the vehicles required to transport these individuals may have a side-load ramp.  These vehicles need additional space beside them in order to load people in wheelchairs.  Be mindful of all of our players and family members, including grandparents.

We've reached out to the city to address proper markings, signage, and verbiage, but in the mean time, we're asking folks to be respectful of these special, designated parking spaces.

appreciate your assistance and attention to this matter that affects more than just a few of our LVLL members.

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